Exploration Tool Kit

To explore for Crown-owned metallic and industrial minerals in Alberta.

Summary of Requirements
Acts and Regulations
Information Letters & Bulletins
  • Forms
    To apply for a metallic and industrial mineral permit, transfer mineral rights, or get exploration approval.
Mineral Assessment Reporting Tools
  • Interactive Maps
    Mineral disposition information available through an interactive mapping program.  This program allows you to select location, scale and map features and to conduct basic searches.  Updated overnight.
  • Online Maps
    Mineral disposition maps in colour PDF (Adobe Acrobat) format.  Default print size 30 x 60 inch.  Updated overnight.
Alberta Township Survey System
  • Introduction to ATS - for legal land description (Meridian, Township, Range, Section, Legal subdivision
Map Coordinates Converter
Alberta Mineral Information (AMI)
  • AMI searches - Information on requesting and conducting searches. 
Alberta Geoscience Information
Contacts and Other Resources


Check Mineral Rights & Restrictions
  • Check Metallic and Industrial Minerals Interactive Map
  • Obtain AMI Search for specific mineral rights and restrictions
Obtain Metallic & Industrial Mineral Permit
  • Complete Permit Application Form
    • $625.00 Application Fee
    • minimum 16 to maximum 9216 hectares per Permit.
    • Lands must be contiguous (adjoining.)
  • Obtain the permit.
    • 14 years, not renewable.
Obtain Approval to Explore
  • Apply to Environment and Parks for an Exploration License, Permit and/or Approval as appropriate.
Conduct Exploration
  • Contact Alberta Geological Survey for relevant geoscience information and samples.
  • Meet surface operation requirements approved by Environment and Parks, Human Services, local municipality, etc.
  • Meet terms of Metallic and Industrial Mineral Permit.
Prepare Mineral Assessment Reports
  • Expenditure required every two years:
    • Yr 1-2 $5.00/ha
    • Yr 3-4 and Yr 5-6 $10.00/ha
    • Yr 7-8, Yr 9-10, Yr 11-12 and Yr 13-14 $15.00/ha
  • Report due 3 months after 2-year period ends.
Reduce Permit Area
(if applicable)
  • Request reduction by letter to Coal and Mineral Development, Alberta Energy, any time in permit term; or
  • Include reduction in mineral assessment report, especially if work expenditure is less than required.
Transfer Mineral Rights
(if applicable)
  • Transfer Application and letter to Alberta Energy.
Terminate Permit
(one of the following)
  • Cancel Permit by letter to Alberta Energy, Coal and Mineral Development.
  • Permit Expiry, Alberta Energy notifies permittee after expiry
  • Apply for Lease
    Must hold permit for minimum 2 years. Lease is for developing and producing confirmed mineral deposits.