Surface Materials Tool Kit

To win, work and recover Crown-owned surface materials, including sand, gravel, clay, peat, marl and topsoil. Surface materials are administered by the Land Management Divisionexternal link icon , Environment and Parks. 

Summary of Requirements
  • Surface Material Applicationsexternal link icon (Environment and Parks)
    This link to the Environment and Parks provides information and resources relating to developing and producing surface material on land owned by the province, including forms, notices, contacts and the publication "Guidelines for Acquiring Surface Material Disposition on Public Land".
  • Going for Gold and Exploring for Minerals In Alberta
    relating gold, silver and placer minerals from surface materials and sand, gravel and clay of bedrock origin.
Acts and Regulations

  • List of Acts and Regulations
  • Key Legislation includes:
    -- Public Lands Act
    -- Law of Property Act
    -- Metallic and Industrial Minerals Regulation*
    -- Metallic and Industrial Minerals Royalty Regulation*
    * for gold, silver and placer minerals
Geoscience Information
Contacts and Links