Coal Lease Maintenance

The following instructions pertain to coal leases and coal leases in road allowances.

Annual rent

Annual rent on a coal lease is due annually, on or before the lease anniversary date.  Rent may be paid by cheque or pre-authorized debit (see Coal Forms.)

Payment of royalties

If coal is being produced from the location of a lease, royalty reports and payment must be submitted  to Alberta Energy in order to keep the lease in good standing (see Coal Royalties Information.)

Amending a coal lease

A lessee or their designated representative may request changes to a lease, such as changing the ownership of an agreement or reducing the area of the lease.

  • A change of ownership of an agreement is administered by Alberta Energy's Transfers and Encumbrances Unit. This may be done online through the E-Transfers service on this site (see Online Services) or by submitting a completed form (see Coal Forms)
  • For further instructions on manually requesting a change of ownership, please refer to the Transfer Form Guidelines
  • Changes to the area of an a lease may be requested in writing to the Coal and Mineral Development Unit (see Coal Contacts). The surrendered lands will become available to others within 48 hours of receiving a surrender request. 

Applying to renew a lease

Application to renew should be received by the Department within the last 30 days of the term of the 15 year term of the lease. A letter requesting renewal should be submitted, along with the application fee $625.00 and the next year's rent, to the Coal and Mineral Development Unit (see Coal Contacts.)

Surrendering a lease

To request cancellation of a lease, please send a written request to the Coal and Mineral Development Unit (see Coal - Contacts.)  The surrendered lands become available once the Department has processed the cancellation to release the lands. At that time it will show on the Coal Activity Map as available.