About Tenure

What is Tenure

Tenure is the process of leasing and administering petroleum and natural gas (P&NG) rights owned by the Province of Alberta. Companies are granted the right to explore for and develop P&NG resources, in exchange for the value to Albertans that flows from development in the form of royalties, bonus bid payments and rents. Read more

Tenure Administration

A brief introduction to petroleum and natural gas sales and other requirements associated with holding Crown petroleum and natural gas rights. Read more

Tenure FAQs

This section provides you with quick and easy answers to commonly asked questions related to tenure. Read more


This a valuable section outlining current statistics regarding well licenses, mineral rights in Alberta, and much more. Read more

Tenure Facts

The highest price per hectare was $130,060.00 per hectare, for a parcel sold in the July 5, 1978 sale. The lowest price per hectare a parcel sells for is $1.25. If you are looking for more interesting facts on tenure, this section will provide it for you. Read more