Oil Sands Royalty Reporting

This page presents information about reporting requirements for oil sands royalties.

Please refer to Part 5 of the†Oil Sands Royalty Regulation, 2009 Administration and Enforcement for the current royalty and related reporting requirements.† Failure to provide the Department with any of the reports by the required due date may result in late filing penalties.† In addition, interest will be assessed on any late payments.

Reporting Resources for Operators

The following documents or links may be helpful to oil sands operators in managing the royalty reporting process:

  1. Application for ETS Access
  2. Oil Sands Royalty Submission and Report Retrieval in ETS
  3. Project and Non Project Royalty Templates
  4. Project Royalty Form Validation Rules
  5. Non Project Well Royalty File Validation Rules
  6. Royalty Information Reports and Processing Schedule
  7. ETS Submission Process for Supplemental Reporting†(Periods prior to 2015)
  8. ETS Submission Process for Supplemental Reporting†(Effective Period 2015)

Queries may be directed to Oil Sands Reporting†or see the frequently asked questions†below. This process was developed from the Oil Sands Administrative and Strategic Information System (OASIS)†project 2010-2013.

When amending pre payout royalty after the end of the Period, do I need to file both the MRC and EOP amendments?
When amending a production month's information, do I make the reporting change on the same Report Monthís submission and just re-submit?
Can I re-file a submission with the same Report Month?
Why do I need to report my Non Armís Length (NAL) information on the royalty submissions if my Armís Length (AL) Sales is greater than the 40% TPD Threshold?
Can third party disposition volumes have $0 value?
If I missed filing the Statement of Approval at the time of my royalty form submission, can I upload it as a stand-alone document or upload it with the same submission again?
Is Non Project Royalty (NPR) calculated by well or by production month?
Do I have to file an NPR submission for non-producing, non-Project wells?
Is the NPR royalty submission filed by Report Month, similar to the PR submissions?
How are amendments for NPWl royalty handled when the previous royalty was under PSR not NPR?