OASIS Development Update

What is the OASIS Project?

The Oil Sands Administrative and Strategic Information System project will meet the anticipated growth of oil sands projects and provide the necessary information for the Oil Sands Division to manage and carry out its mandate.

Phase 1 of OASIS in February 2010 enabled oil sands project operators to create and submit OSR Project Applications online, through the Department’s web based client interface, the Electronic Transfer System (ETS).  

The second phase of OASIS development has now been completed. This phase encompasses the reporting and calculation of oil sands royalty. There is no change to the current royalty regime. Changes will be with respect to the submission, validation and tracking of royalty and related information. All royalty submissions from February 1, 2013 will be validated in OASIS. Oil Sands Operators will receive royalty information reports on their submissions and will also receive a monthly statement on their reporting activities.

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Communication with Oil Sands Operators

Information sessions and training sessions will be held to facilitate a smooth transition to the new automated processes, notice of the sessions will be on this web page and will also be sent through Oil Sands Information Bulletins.

OASIS meetings will also be held as required with oil sands project operators to seek clarification on current and new system processes and to exchange ideas on enhancement opportunities with the OASIS IT/Business Team. To participate, please contact Maria Lee. 

OASIS Related Resources for Operators

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For related Information Bulletins prior to the above dates, please see Oil Sands Information Bulletins.   

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Presentations will be added as they become available.

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OASIS Contacts

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