Oil Royalty Information

About Royalties

This page provides basic information on royalties in the province of Alberta. Read more

Current Month Par Price

The Current Month Par Price provides the various prices for oil necessary to determine the royalty volume payable to the Crown. Read more

Schedule A

This report supplies the "S" basic royalty in cubic meters that is used in the appropriate royalty formula based on the vintage and density of the well (effective January 1, 1993). The report divides production volumes into ranges of 500 and each range is further divided into sections of 20 pages. Read more


The current Modernized Royalty Framework came into effect January 1, 2017, this calculator offers a comparison to the previous Adjusted Royalty Framework calculator. Read more

The program offered a royalty adjustment incentive to specific pilot and demonstration projects that use new or innovative technologies. Annual reports indicate increases of environmentally sound recoveries and more responsible development of new oil, natural gas and in situ bitumen reserves.

Enhanced Oil Recovery

Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) is a method to conserve the province's petroleum resource, it uses fluid injection such as hydrocarbons, CO2, nitrogen or chemicals allowing additional recovery. The Enhanced Oil Recovery Program (EORP) promotes this recovery, more information is under guidelines in this site. Read more