About Oil

What is Oil

Crude oil is a naturally occurring mixture of hundreds of different hydrocarbon compounds trapped in underground rock. These hydrocarbons were created millions of years ago when ancient marine life or vegetation died and settled on the bottoms of streams, lakes, seas and oceans, forming a thick layer of organic material. Sediment later covered this layer, applying heat and pressure that ‘cooked’ the organic material and changed it into the petroleum we extract from the ground today. Read more

Oil Facts

Canada exported 3.08 million barrels per day to the U.S. in 2016 according to Natural Resources Canada. If you are looking for more interesting facts on oil, this section will provide it for you. Read more

Prices and value

Oil prices are set in an open and competitive market and are influenced by many variables throughout North America and the world. These variables include supply and demand, production and exploration levels, global weather patterns, pricing and availability of competing energy sources and market participants’ views of future trends in any of these or other variables. Read more