Enhanced Oil Recovery Program Guidelines

Alberta is encouraging the use of enhanced oil recovery (EOR) methods to conserve the province's petroleum resource. EOR methods use fluid injection such as hydrocarbons, CO2, nitrogen or chemicals allowing additional recovery. To promote this recovery, the Crown has introduced the Enhanced Oil Recovery Program (EORP).   

Enhanced Oil Recovery Program guidelines  August 2014

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The Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) contracted Sproule Associates Limited to determine the Enhanced Oil Recovery potential in Alberta from March 2011 to March 2012.

Phase one Project Objectives (data portion);

  • Retrieve information on all EOR schemes in Alberta from the AER's Reserves Report and other AER and public databases/files;
  • Create an inventory of EOR scheme information organized by pertinent characteristics such as geographic area, pool, formation, reservoir properties, scheme type
  • Analyze the inventory of EOR scheme information, focusing on successful EOR operations, existing and emerging trends, and likely short-term EOR prospects;
  • Assess the associated potential success factors;
  • Write a preliminary report on EOR in Alberta oil pools, containing lessons learned and preliminary findings;
  • Create and inventory of existing EOR schemes in Alberta organized by pertinent characteristics;
  • Initially assess potential success factors.

Identification of Enhanced Oil Recovery Potential in Alberta - Phase 1 final reportexternal link icon PDF icon (2.28 MB,
95 pages, June 2011) for the AER, prepared by Sproule Associates Limited. 

Phase two Project Objectives;

  • Apply knowledge gained from Phase 1, along with information from literature searches and possible industry interviews, to fully develop criteria for the screening of potential future EOR prospects, with consideration for the various types of possible EOR schemes and technologies;
  • Apply screening criteria to all oil pools in Alberta;
  • Assess and compile potential incremental recoverable volumes for all oil pools under various EOR technologies;
  • Provide a progress update on preliminary findings and adjust the study as necessary;
  • Prepare a report on the total findings on existing and future potential EOR in Alberta in written, tabular, and graphical formats. The report will include but is not limited to, the following information:
    • Field and pool name
    • Formation
    • EOR type
    • Fluid properties
    • Reservoir parameters
    • Geographic location
    • Primary recovery
    • Current incremental recovery

This study considers only the technical factors associated with EOR. For any individual project, the economics are important, however, since the economic factors are variable and highly dependent on the current oil prices (and the expectation of future oil prices), these factors are not addressed in this study.
Identification of Enhanced Oil Recovery Potential in Alberta- Phase 2 final reportexternal link icon PDF icon (36.54 MB, 629 pages, March 2012) for the AER, prepared by Sproule Associates Limited.