Oil Sands Information Bulletins

The purpose of an Information Bulletin is to notify industry regarding items such as proposed changes to legislation, regulations or operating procedures with the intent of soliciting feedback; new programs or changes to existing programs, projects, services, strategies or organizational structures; and industry participation in department initiatives.

Reference pricing and royalty rates can be found in Information Letters and Mineral Rights Information Bulletins are also available.

For specific oil sands information announcements, there are two Oil Sands subscription lists available to notify subscribers specifically for:

  1. Oil Sands Royalty information announcements (OSRBUL) and

  2. Oil Sands Tenure information announcements (OSTIBUL).

To subscribe or unsubscribe to either list, please visit e-subscriptions.

*T - Tenure, R - Royalty, M - Mineral Rights, A - All

IB Number Type* Description
 2019-01​R​New Oil Sands Economic Evaluation Data Requirement Template 
 2018-11R​​Infill Wells - Criteria for Inclusion in a SAGD Oil Sands Royalty Project without Amendment Application
 2018-10​R​Oil Sands Holiday Season Office Hours
​ 2018-09​RSubmission of the 2018 Operator's Forecast Report
2018-08​T​Oil Sands Payments in the Event of a Postal Strike
 2018-07​R​Oil Sands Payments in the Event of a Postal Strike
 2018-06​R​Change to Statute Barred Years
PDF icon 2018-05​R ​PowerPoint Presentations from Oil Sands Royalty Business Training June 2018 Sessions
PDF icon 2018-04​R​Oil Sands Royalty Guidelines
PDF icon 2018-03​R​Cost of Service Template
PDF icon 2018-02​R​Oil Sands Royalty Business Training June 2018
PDF icon 2018-01​RExemption From Publication of 2017​ Royalty Project Data
PDF icon 2017-08RChanges to the 2017 Operator's Forecast Report Form due November 30, 2017
PDF icon 2017-07ROil Sands Royalty Business Training November 2017
PDF icon 2017-06RRevision to Post Payout End of Period Statement Reporting Template (Version 1.1) 
PDF icon 2017-05ROil Sands Royalty Business Training May 2017 
PDF icon 2017-04RChanges to Non-Project Reporting (NPR) Resulting from Amendments to the Oil Sands Royalty Regulation, 2009 (OSRR09)
PDF icon 2017-03RAmendments to the Oil Sands Royalty Regulations and Related Regulations
PDF icon 2017-01RReturn on Capital Calculation for Non-Basic Pipelines


Older Oil Sands Information bulletins  (1998 - present) can now be found on Alberta's Open Government site.