Royalty Adjustment Program for Deep Marginal Gas Wells - Well Process Status

This spreadsheet identifies the "application status" of an eligible royalty adjustment program well. The well information on the spreadsheet is sorted by the application code and application description.                 

The available application statuses are as follows:            




First appearance of potentially eligible wells requiring determination this month.


Well has been pre-qualified and will be technically evaluated by the department.


The well has qualified for an adjustment and the department has determined the applicable adjustments and completed the data entry.  Well has been set up for exemption.


It has been determined that the well does not meet the qualifying criteria.


The ERCB has designated this well as "confidential’. Direct all inquiries or the process status for this well to Royalty Programs.


The well has exceeded the QPR and the royalty adjustment has been revoked.


In order for the department to identify the potentially eligible wells the following must be met and reported correctly to the department:

  • Well has, and reported, an ‘on production date’

  • Well has, and reported, gas production volumes

  • Well depth is greater than 2,500 metres

  • Well is not 100% freehold

  • Well is not identified as a Bitumen Well                                                    

The spreadsheet is updated within the second week of the month. A presentation about the Royalty Adjustment Program for Deep Marginal Gas Wellspresentation icon  was shared with industry in 2007.

For additional information, please contact Royalty Programs at or Joyce Chen 780-427-1550.