Natural Gas Online Services

Electronic Transfer System (ETS)

ETS provides secure access to do business electronically with the Alberta government.  A primary administrator  and optional back up administrator must be assigned to the Account, they are responsible for creating and managing security for the clients ETS account. A Backup Site Administrator (optional), can perform the same roles as the Primary Site Administrator and is highly recommended. Read more


Alberta Surface Public Land and Crown Mineral dispositions and activities are contained within the Geographic Land Information Management and Planning System (GLIMPS) and the Alberta Mineral Information (AMI).
This data is essential to the management of agreements that cover publicly owned resources. Read more

Clients can subscribe to the department's email distribution lists for Public Offering Notices and Results for both Petroleum and Natural Gas (P&NG) and Oil Sands, Information Letters and Information Bulletins issued by the department. You can subscribe or unsubscribe to each one directly from this page, or from your email program. Read more

PDF Maps

Alberta Energy offers a variety of maps that show availability of mineral rights owned by the province for different commodities. These are available to the public and do not require a password or account to access. Read more

Interactive Maps

These interactive maps show availability of mineral rights owned by the province for different mineral commodities.  The Sales Results map displays the most recent petroleum and natural gas and oil sands sale results and includes existing agreements.  The maps also identify which locations are unavailable because of existing agreements, because the minerals are not owned by the province, or because the minerals have been withdrawn for other reasons, such as protected areas, no password is required.  Read more