About Natural Gas

What is Natural Gas

Natural gas is a mixture of hydrocarbons, mainly methane, which is both colourless and odourless. Water, oil, sulphur, carbon dioxide, nitrogen and other impurities may be mixed with the gas when it comes out of the ground. Read more

Natural Gas FAQs

Is natural gas safe? How does it affect the environment? Who regulates the natural gas industry? These frequently Asked Questions have your answers.  Read more


This section provides current statistics regarding the potential of natural gas, the amount of natural gas remaining in Alberta, and much more. Read more

Natural Gas Facts

The average Albertan household uses about 120 GJs of natural gas a year. Read more


Natural gas prices are set in an open and competitive market and are influenced by many variables throughout North America and the world. These variables include supply and demand, production and exploration levels, storage injections and withdrawals, global weather patterns, pricing and availability of competing energy sources and market participants’ views of future trends in any of these or other variables. Read more