Minerals Publications and Maps

This collection of information will help you learn about Mineral issues as they relate to Alberta Energy.
These Year in Review annual reports of Alberta’s Coal and Mineral Development Branch provide a yearly overview of the coal, metallic and industrial mineral activity in Alberta.

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Mineral Assessment Reports Listing and Search
These reports are prepared and submitted by mineral exploration companies as a requirement of holding a metallic and industrial mineral permit in Alberta. They are confidential for the first year, but become public to further the discovery of mineral deposits. Published assessment reports are searchable by assessment number, project name and release date. Assessment report text content is also searchable.

Mineral Development Strategyexternal link icon
Alberta's Mineral Development Strategy 2002 provides a framework that outlines the vision, goals and strategic direction for orderly, environmentally mineral exploration and development in Alberta. It was developed by the Alberta Government in consultation with stakeholders to enhance the potential for economic benefit to Albertans through discovery and development of base and precious metals, industrial minerals and gemstones in Alberta.

Mining and Materials(Natural Resources Canada - NRCan)
NRCan publishes a variety of key reports relevant to the minerals sector, including geological studies, exploration, mining policies, mineral sector economics and statistics.

Fact Sheets

These fact sheets provide summaries about Minerals and the mineral industries in Alberta. If you have further questions, see the Frequently Asked Questions portion of our site.

Minerals in Albertaexternal link icon
We rely on minerals in every aspect of our daily lives. Toothpaste, buildings, eyeglasses, computers, automobiles, hospital equipment are but a few of the many things that cannot be made without minerals.

Oil and Gas Royalties external link icon
Royalties help fund important programs like health, education and infrastructure. They ensure that Albertans receive a portion of the benefits arising from the development of the province’s energy resources. This fact sheet explains what royalties are and how they are calculated.


Assessment Report Guidelines
Prior to submitting a mineral assessment report, the author can use this guide to ensure the report properly captures all of the information required.

Diamond Potential of Alberta(Alberta Geological Survey - AGS)
Kimberlites, the most important primary rock type where diamonds may occur. The website also explains why Alberta is favourable for discoveries of diamonds. AGS, as part of the Alberta Energy Regulator, provides geological information and expertise to government, industry and the public about Alberta’s earth resources and geological processes for resource stewardship and sustainable development.

Exploring for Minerals
This guide is for individuals interested in prospecting or exploring for metallic and industrial minerals in Alberta. It includes information on how to stake a claim, or acquire a metallic and industrial mineral permit, in Alberta.

Going for Gold
This guide is for individuals interested in gold panning and other forms of recreational placer mining along Alberta's rivers and streams. Going for Goldexternal link icon(print version). 


An Introduction to Metallic and Industrial Mineral Rights in Alberta
This presentation summarizes mining activity in Alberta, and provides the basic rules and principles relating to Alberta-owned metallic and industrial mineral rights and agreements.


Online Maps
Mineral disposition maps in colour PDF (Adobe Acrobat) format. Default print size 30 x 60 inch. Updated overnight.

Interactive Maps
Mineral disposition information available through an interactive mapping program. This program allows you to select location, scale and map features and to conduct basic searches. Updated overnight.

Alberta Geological Survey's Interactive Minerals Mapexternal link icon
Under the Alberta Geological Survey's Open Dataexternal link iconsection, this map is available along with many other maps and data sets. 

A listing of external resources for coal and minerals is also available.