​ Prospecting Tool Kit

Summary of Requirements
Information Letters & Bulletins
Mineral Assessment Reporting
Maps (updated overnight)
  • Interactive Maps
    Mineral disposition information available through an interactive mapping program. This program allows you to select location, scale and map features and to conduct basic searches.

  • PDF Maps (Adobe Acrobat format)
    Mineral disposition maps (default print size 30 x 60 inch)

Alberta Township Survey System
Map Coordinates Convertor
Alberta Mineral Information (AMI)
  • AMI searches - Information on requesting and conducting searches

Alberta Geosciences

Contacts & Other Resources
Prospect With or Without
Crown Mineral Rights
  • Limited prospecting and geophysical surveying is permitted if mineral rights are available and there will be no significant disturbance.

  • Obtain consent from any surface or subsurface leaseholder or landowner.

  • As a safety precaution, inform the local forestry or public lands office of your presence and purpose on Crown Land.

  • Ammonite shell collecting, placer mining and recreational gold panning are not considered prospecting activities in Alberta.

Prospect with Crown Mineral Rights
  • Apply to Coal and Mineral Development, Alberta Energy, for a Crown Metallic and Industrial Mineral Permit in a specified area, use the Exploration Toolkit.

  • Contact Land Administration, Alberta Environment and Parks, for approval to use mechanized equipment and/or disturb land surface during prospecting.

  • Meet work expenditure and assessment reporting requirements to maintain Metallic and Industrial Mineral Permits.