Mining Tool Kit

To win, work and recover Crown-owned metallic and industrial minerals.
Summary of Requirements
Acts and Regulations
Information Letters and Bulletins
  • ETS to apply for a metallic and industrial mineral permit or transfer mineral rights.

Alberta Mineral Information (AMI)
  • AMI searches Information on requesting and conducting searches. 
  • PDF Maps (includes the Mineral Activities Map)
    Mineral disposition maps in Adobe Acrobat format (Default print size 30 x 60 inch).Updated overnight.   

  • Interactive Maps
    Mineral disposition information available through an interactive mapping program. This program allows you to select location, scale and map features and to conduct basic searches. Updated overnight.

Geoscience Research
Other Resources


Check Mineral Rights and
Possible Restrictions
  • Check Map of Metallic and Industrial Mineral Activity.

  • Obtain AMI Search.

  • In area of interest, check status of Metallic and Industrial Mineral Permit if you have one.

Apply for Metallic and Industrial Mineral Lease
  • Apply through ETS

  • Lease term is 15 years.

  • Not for oil sands, coal or surface material.

Obtain Permission/Approval
to Develop Mine
  • Contact Environment and Parks to develop the mine.

Report Crown Production
and Royalties
  • Obtain a form from Coal and Mineral Development, Alberta Energy.
Renew a Lease
  • Apply in writing before the lease expires.

Transfer Mineral Rights
(if applicable)
  • Transfer Application and Letter.
    Submit to Alberta Energy.

Terminate Activity or Lease
  • When lease expires, mineral activities permitted under lease must cease.

  • To cancel a lease, notify Coal and Mineral Development, Alberta Energy.

  • Environment and Parks addresses reclamation issues relating to mine closure.

  • Alberta Human Services addresses safety relating to mine closure.