Minerals Acts & Regulations

The following Acts and Regulations are available from the Alberta Queen's Printer website. A complete listing of Statutes (Acts) and Regulations are also available from the Alberta Queen's Printer.

Key Ministry of Energy Acts and Regulations  

Freehold Mineral Rights Tax Act
This Act imposes a property tax on minerals (currently just oil and gas as provided in the regulations) in Alberta owned other than by the Crown.

Mines & Minerals Act
This Act governs the management and disposition of rights in Crown owned mines and minerals, including the levying and collecting of bonuses, rental and royalties. (Administration of portions of this Act shared with Sustainable Resource Development Department)

Ammonite Shell Regulation

Mines & Minerals Administration Regulation

Metallic & Industrial Minerals Tenure Regulation

Metallic & Industrial Minerals Royalty Regulation

Other Relevant Provincial Legislation

Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act

Environmental Assessment (Mandatory and Exempted Activities) Regulation

Environmental Assessment Regulation

Forest and Prairie Protection Act

Forests Act

Historical Resources Act

Law of Property Act   

Municipal Government Act

Occupational Health & Safety Act (Mine Safety Regulation)

Occupational Health & Safety Regulation

Public Highways Development Act

Public Lands Act

Metallic & Industrial Minerals Exploration Regulation

Special Areas Act

Surface Rights Act

Water Act