​Mineral Guidelines and Policies

Exploring for Minerals in Alberta

This guide is for individuals interested in prospecting or exploring for metallic and industrial minerals in Alberta. It includes information on how to stake a claim, or acquire a metallic and industrial mineral permit, in Alberta.

Going for Gold

This guide is for individuals interested in gold panning and other forms of recreational placer mining along Alberta's rivers and streams. Going for Goldexternal link icon(print version)

Criteria for Time Extensions

Extension requests should only be considered during the last 60 days of the work period.
Valid rationale for extensions

Guidelines for Statement of Intent to File Assessment

Receipt of the statement of intent to file enables the Department to commence the work assessment administrative process prior to receiving the report.

Guidelines for Submitting an Assessment Report

These detailed guidelines are intended as an aid to filing mineral assessment reports in accordance with the Metallic & Industrial Minerals Tenure Regulation.

Mineral Assessment Report Checklist

Use this checklist when preparing a mineral assessment report, which is a requirement of holding a metallic and industrial minerals permit for mineral exploration. This information will help ensure your submission is complete.

Alberta Township Survey

The Alberta Township System is the legal land description system used in Alberta for describing land and mineral resource titles, agreements, and other land use designations such as parks.

Mineral Tool Kits

The various Mineral Tool Kits provide information to help individuals and companies in conducting the mineral prospecting and exploration, mining and placer mining; and production of ammonite shell and surface materials.

Mineral Development Strategy

The Alberta's Mineral Development Strategyexternal link icon(2002) provides a framework that outlines the vision, goals and strategic direction for orderly, environmentally mineral exploration and development in Alberta. It was developed by the Alberta Government in consultation with stakeholders to enhance the potential for economic benefit to Albertans through discovery and development of base and precious metals, industrial minerals and gemstones in Alberta.