Electricity Stakeholder Information

Alberta is transitioning its electricity system from an energy-only to a capacity marketexternal link icon . Government is committed to developing the province’s new electricity market in an open, transparent manner, working with industry and other stakeholders throughout the process.

     Capacity Market Framework

As part of Alberta's transition to a new capacity market framework, Alberta Energy has issued mandate letters to its electricity agencies outlining their roles and responsibilities during this transition.

Powering Alberta’s Future: Policy Direction for Alberta’s Capacity Market FrameworkPDF icon summarizes government’s policy direction for Alberta’s capacity market. This policy paper was prepared to provide industry, technical stakeholders and potential investors with the background necessary to participate in the policy and technical design process of the province’s new electricity market system. If you have questions or comments about Alberta’s transition to a capacity market, or would like more information about stakeholder engagement or the webinarPDF icon , please contact electricity@gov.ab.ca.

     Technical Stakeholder Engagement on Capacity Market Framework;

  • Resource Adequacy Session
  • Stakeholder Involvement Session
  • Cost Allocation Session

Sessions will include;

  • Presentation
  • Discussion Paper
  • Response Template

All submitted documents will be provided on this website as soon as documents are received and processed.

     Presentations prepared for technical stakeholders (presented as delivered)

  • Alberta Energy Presentation at IPPSA Conference – “Making it Workexternal link icon (March 13, 2017)
    Alberta Energy participated in a panel discussion at the Independent Power Producers Society of Albertaexternal link icon (IPPSA) annual conference to discuss the next steps for electricity policy development and associated stakeholder engagement. The panel discussion also included the Alberta Electric System Operator (AESO) and the Alberta Climate Change Officeexternal link icon .

  • Electricity Transition Panel SessionPDF icon ( December 2, 2016)
    Alberta Energy and the Alberta Electric System Operator (AESO) held a stakeholder forum in Calgary to provide an overview of policy announcements related to consumer protection, the phase out of coal emissions, and introduction of a capacity market for electricity. The department also provided an overview of anticipated stakeholder engagement activities in 2017. 

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