Publications and Maps

​The following publications relate to Alberta's coal sector.

Coal and Mineral Development Annual Reports

These Year in Review annual reports of Alberta’s Coal and Mineral Development Branch provide a yearly overview of the coal, metallic and industrial mineral activity in Alberta.

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Coal Activity Maps
Maps showing current dispositions of coal mineral rights in Alberta. Use the pdf map of the entire province to get a snapshot of coal dispositions accurate to the nearest section. Use the interactive map to obtain more detailed information and to select different data layers for viewing.

Coal Mine Atlas of Alberta (Alberta Energy Regulator, AER)

This AER publication provides maps township by township, showing the locations of over 2,000 coal mines, and exploratory and experimental excavations, which are currently operating in Alberta or have operated in the past.

Data and Publications(Alberta Energy Regulator, AER)

The AER publishes a variety of publications related to coal resource development and production. Some of these publications contain coal maps. Some AER publications are available online at no charge. Others are available for purchase.

A listing of external resources for coal and minerals is also available.