Coal Applications

An application for a coal lease or coal lease in a road allowance should be submitted, along with payment, to the Coal and Mineral Development Unit in Edmonton or Alberta Energy's Calgary Information Centre (see Contacts.)

  • Application Method: The Coal Lease Application Form is the recommended format for submitting an application for both types of lease.  An application should identify the key parties (applicant, designated representative, participants), the type of agreement, the lands requested, and be accompanied by all applicable fees. Use the Coal Activity Map to help select appropriate lands.

  • Application Fees: Applications for both types of agreements must be accompanied by the $625.00 application fee, the first year's rent, plus GST as applicable. For a coal lease, the first year's rent is $3.50 per hectare (minimum $50.00.)  For a coal lease in a road allowance, the first year's rent is $50.00. Payment may be made by cheque, money order or credit card (Visa.)

Once received by the Department, an application is checked  for completeness and to confirm the requested mineral rights are available. The application is then reviewed with respect to development restrictions or policies, and the appropriate method of disposition. Depending on the circumstances, a successful coal lease application may lead to an agreement being issued directly to the applicant, or may result in competitive bidding (land sale.)

For a coal lease in a road allowance, the primary consideration is whether the applicant already has a coal mine permit or license to develop and mine coal in the area. A coal lease in a road allowance is issued directly to an applicant. It is never put up for competitive bidding in a land sale.

If the application results in a lease, the department notifies the successful party and sends them a signed lease.

The applicable fees are refunded to the applicant if their application is rejected or the applicant is unsuccessful on a competitive bid. However, fees are not refunded if the applicant withdraws their application.