Coal Forms

Coal Leasing Forms

The following forms are to be used when applying for a coal lease or requesting changes.

Coal Lease Application Form
This form is to be used when applying for a Crown coal lease or a coal lease in a road allowance. Please include fee with application. You may drop off your application at the Coal and Mineral Development Business Unit in Edmonton or the Information Centre in Calgary. Or you may fax or mail your application to the Business Unit (see Contacts.) For more information see Coal Reporting Instructions.

For a Change in Lease Ownership Request Form or Change in Lease Ownership Transmittal Letter, please see the transfers section of Electronic Transfer System (ETS) support and online learning. . If you are unable to request a change using the E-Transfers service (see Online Services), you may use this form. The Transmittal Letter below should accompany the completed form. Send your request to the address at the bottom of the form. For more information see instructionsPDF icon.

For development of Crown and freehold coal, contact the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER)external link iconregarding forms and procedures relating to coal mine permit areas, coal mine licenses, coal projects, and coal mine abandonment. AER can also be contacted at 403-297-8311 or toll free at 1-855-297-8311 or through their general inquiry email, inquiries@aer.

Note: Forms are not required for:

  • Coal Lease Amendment Request - just send the department the lease number and the requested changes to the land description required.
  • Coal Lease Cancellation Request - just send to the department specifying the lease to be cancelled and the requested effective date.

Coal Royalty Forms are available through the Mineral Royalty Form Submission section of ETS support and online learning.

Forms in Microsoft Word and Excel format can be copied and used to prepare reports electronically by those with compatible systems;or print from the pdf (Adobe) format and fill in manually. If you would like to request print or faxed copies of any of these forms, please contact Coal and Mineral Development