Energy Industry Documents

Historical Royalty Data from 1994 to the present is updated before September first each year.

ST 98 Alberta's Energy Reserves Supply/Demand Outlook  Each June the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) publishes a report that includes estimates of reserves for crude bitumen, crude oil, conventional natural gas, coalbed methane, natural gas liquids, coal, and sulphur for the province, it also forecasts supply and demand.

Industry activity reports are available.

Fact Sheets

Alberta Energy Quick FactsPDF icon (January 2017)
This fact sheet highlights oil, natural gas, investment, pipelines, coal, electricity and revenue.

Gasoline PricesPDF icon (July 2015)
Gasoline prices are determined in the competitive marketplace by the forces of supply and demand, which vary between regions, cities and neighborhoods.

Environmental ActionsPDF icon (July 2015)
This fact sheet lists statistics for Greenhouse gas emissions, water usage and what Alberta is doing to limit impacts on the environment.