Electricity Acts And Regulations

The following Acts and Regulations are available from the Alberta Queen's Printer website. A complete listing of Statutes (Acts) and Regulations are also available from the Alberta Queen's Printer.

Consumer Protection Act
 Enhances consumer protection through remedies, enforcement tools and tougher penalties intended to discourage unfair practices in the marketplace. The Act simplifies procedures for business, providing clearer standards to ensure a more level playing field. This was formerly known as the Fair Trading Act  amended on December 15, 2017, part of the amendment changed the name of the Act and Chapter Number.  

Alberta Utilities Commission Act
Passed during the fall 2007 sitting of the Legislature, this Act separated the EUB into the two new regulatory bodies (The Alberta Utilities Commission, AUC and the Energy Resources Conservation Board, ERCB). The Act came into effect on January 1, 2008.

Electric Utilities Act
This Act provides the underlying authority for the restructure of the electric industry in Alberta.

Gas Utilities Act

Hydro and Electric Energy Act

Small Power Research and Development Act

Rural Utilities Act

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