About Alberta Energy

Alberta Energy has moved to Alberta.ca
  • manages the development of province's resources

  • develops policy for the Renewable Electricity Program

  • grants industry the right to explore for and develop energy and mineral resources through the tenure system

  • establishes, administers and monitors the effectiveness of fiscal and royalty systems

  • promotes energy efficiency and conservation by both Albertans and industry

  • encourages additional investment that creates jobs and economic prosperity 

Energy’s mission is to assure sustained prosperity in the interests of Albertans through the stewardship of energy and mineral resource systems, responsible development and wise use of energy.

The ministry consists of the Department of Energy (DOE), the Alberta Energy Regulator(AER), the Alberta Utilities Commission(AUC), the Alberta Petroleum Marketing Commission (APMC) and the Post-Closure Stewardship Fund.

All areas report under the annual report, the energy industry documents section is a collection of department reports.      

The primary information for Royalties is now on Alberta.ca, the royalty industry information has a section that includes an overview with the formulas, rates and curves, the Enhanced Hydrocarbon Recovery program, the Emerging Resource Program, historical royalty data and Bitumen Royalty-In-Kind.    

If you have technical questions please contact oil.gas.royalty@gov.ab.ca.  

Royalty Calculators

Royalty related information bulletins

Mineral Ownership information is now on Alberta.ca,Freehold Landowners have the responsibility to pay Freehold Mineral Tax on revenue derived from production.

Alberta energy timeline has moved to Alberta.ca -  history up to 1999 | 2000s and forward