Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act Information

Your Rights Under the FOIP Act

The Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIP) was written to allow access to information and to protect your privacy. The purpose of this Act is:

  • To allow any individual a right of access to information, subject to limited and specific exceptions;

  • To protect personal privacy by controlling how individuals information is collected, used or disclosed;

  • To allow individuals access to their own personal information;

  • To allow any individual to request a correction of their personal information; and,

  • To provide for the ability to request an independent review of decisions of a public body.

A FOIP request can be used to request information in the custody or control of a public body when the information is not routinely available through another process. The FOIP request process does not replace existing procedures for obtaining access to information. A FOIP Request should be used as a last resort.

You can submit a FOIP Request onlineexternal link iconusing a credit card to provide payment for the initial fee. The Request to Access Information formPDF iconcan be used to submit your FOIP request by mail or fax.  Please submit a cheque in the amount of $25.00 when using the PDF form for General Information requests. Cheques or money orders should be made payable to the “Government of Alberta” and mailed to the address below.  You may also call the FOIP Office at 780 427-0271 to arrange a credit card payment for requests not submitted on-line.

Alberta Energy is committed to openness and transparency for all Albertans. The Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacyexternal link iconAct (FOIP Actexternal link icon) aims to strike a balance between the public’s right to access records and the protection of personal privacy, as these rights relate to information held by the Government of Alberta. This law affects all provincial departments, agencies, boards and commissions. The department also mantains a directory of personal information banksexternal link icon for all areas of the department.

Alberta Energy has public reports, maps and other information related to business conducted by the department. Before making a request, search our website to find the information you are looking to obtain.

For more information, please contact:

Alberta Energy
9th Floor, North Petroleum Plaza
9945 – 108 Street
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada   T5K 2G6
Telephone:  780-427-0271
Fax:  780-644-3786


Frequently Asked Questions

How will I know my request has been received by the FOIP Office?

Once your request has been received a FOIP Advisor will be assigned your request.  You should receive a phone call or letter from our office within 5 business days. 

How many FOIP requests can I submit at once through the online submission form, fax, mail, or drop off?

The FOIP form and online submission process should only be used to make a single request.  You may fill out additional forms or repeat the online submission procerss for additional requests.  You will be subject to a $25 fee per request.

If I submit a FOIP request and realize I no longer require it or I’ve made an error, can I withdraw or change the request?

Call the FOIP office at 780-427-0271 to report the error. Please provide the transaction number you received upon completion of submitting your request online so that we may correct any errors that may have occurred on your request.