Image of an oil pump jack near Northeast Edmonton

Oil and Gas Liability and Orphan Wells

Alberta is reviewing our existing upstream oil and gas liability management system and providing a loan for the Orphan Well Association to clean up oil and gas sites.

Modern Electricity Market

Alberta’s electricity market is transitioning to a new capacity market framework which will reduce price volatility and provide the stability and reliability the system needs to transition to a lower carbon future.

Renewable and Alternative Energy

Reducing emissions and increasing the use of renewable and alternative energy sources are key components of the Climate Leadership Plan.

Energy Diversification Advisory Committee

The expert advisory committee created to develop options on how best to diversify Alberta's oil and gas sector. The Petrochemicals Diversification Program is one of the initiatives they are building on.

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CoalMinerals, Natural Gas, OilOil Sands 
and Unconventional resources are found in Alberta. Electricity and Alternative and Renewable energy use resources and waste biomass.

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